Operate your business efficiently with AppSheet.

Is the daily workflow at your company slow, inaccurate, and incomplete too? napi ügyintézés?

It's challenging to access information
when data


THE SOLUTION is a versatile record that can be easily created from existing spreadsheets,

evolving together with the company,

including elements that support daily operations.

(Starting from October 2023, the Google Workspace subscription includes a new component (previously available only for an additional fee) that allows the automation of daily records and administrative workflows.)

Major brands, like Husqvarna, also use AppSheet!

The company relies on AppSheet to manage its warehouse, personnel matters, and logistics. They have created more than 40 such smaller apps, and they even have a central application from which their solutions can be accessed individually.

Benefits of using AppSheet:

  • Benefits of AppSheet records:

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More information and start to use AppSheet: https://www.appsheet.com/